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Rise and Build Under - why is it such a great option for a renovation?

Looking to create more living space on your property but don’t want to go for a house extension as it will take up valuable backyard space? Raising your home and building underneath is the perfect option. You have no doubt heard about different house renovations methods, but this one is unique. 

Lifting your home and building under it can be quite daunting, but don’t worry about the process. Urban Scene Construction – the expert Brisbane company in house renovations and home design – has the experience and expertise needed to plan, design, develop, and undertake the construction of raising homes and building under.

Why is this such a great option for house renovations?

Why do people choose to raise and build under?

House raising and building under is a wonderful option for adding more space to your home. One of the main reasons for this house renovation method is not having enough room on premises to add a house extension. Alternatively, the space underneath the house is ideal for creating more living space and increasing the value of the house, which eventually offers a great return on investment. Of course, if you love your neighbourhood and can’t imagine living somewhere else, building underneath your home is a perfect solution to accommodating a growing family.

People choose to raise a house and build underneath for the following reasons:

  • They have a small piece of land

  • To increase the home’s value

  • The existing structure cannot support a second storey extension

  • They live in an ideal location and don’t want to move

  • They are in a high flood area

there are certain things you should know if you are planning on a rise and build under:

  • This method of house renovations is only suitable for specific types of houses including, pre-1960, timber-framed, and built on stumps or brick piers.

Note: brick houses or houses built on a concrete slab cannot be raised.

  • The cost of the renovations is greatly affected by the type of property (is it steep?), site access, or if a new retaining wall is needed.

  • You can keep the newly-built level consistent with the existing storey or chose to make the bottom look completely different and modern.

  • One of the Brisbane City Council residential building restrictions is that the maximum height not exceed 9.5m. When working with professionals like Urban Scene Construction, you won’t have to worry about requirements, as they are familiar with all restrictions.

  • there’s also an option to slide your home to a different location on your block. an extra cost will be involved, but it may be definitely worth it.

The bottom line is that raising your home and building underneath offers numerous options that can remarkably improve your home design and functionality. To ensure the entire house renovations project goes without complications, hire experts like the Urban Scene Constructions company.

Our unique approach to planning and communicating with clients sets us apart from other renovation companies in South East Brisbane. Contact us to find out how we can make your next renovation a stress-free and profitable investment.

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Rise and Build Under - why is it such a great option for a renovation?
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