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Is a second story extension your best option?

Would you like a second story extension? Will it be your best option to consider? The answer to this is yes. This can especially be a good way of adding up space and value to your current residence. This way, it will suit best to your family’s needs and the coming years. 

What’s more, it doubles the internal living space of your home. It will also create an entirely different area for the family. Thus, you will benefit from a new and modern look addition. This is also without saying goodbye to a suburb or street you love. 

Like the idea of adding a second storey extension as merely a perfect solution. This is better if you do not like it moving home or paying real estate agent fees and stamp duty. The benefits can seem endless in considering two storey extension ideas. 

Create That Bigger Block Feel

Building up this second story extension creates the feeling of a bigger house and a block. It, therefore, adds value to your home. Now a taller house will bring about a bigger block illusion. This is also even if it’s just a standard five-hundred square meter lot.

Retain the Block Size As It Is

It never will bring an impact on the land area if you decide it going up a level. There’s no need to sacrifice the backyard space. This is since there already is a structure to focus on. You also can keep the garden. The kids will also have plenty of room for playing outdoors.

Take Advantage of the Views

So many views can be taken advantage of on your location. This can range from the valley or hill views, the green hilltop views next to a park, and the views from the river or the ocean. 

Design of the Second Level

It’s also possible to add a retreat for your parent without compromising the master suite and the living room. The children can also have their space upstairs. The retreat upstairs for your parent will give them a space to unwind. 

The second level is perfect for the children if they have a set of friends. They can then use the upstairs in the living room as a games or television area. If the parents don’t like it living upstairs, the bedrooms upstairs are also great for the two children. A living room is also suited for creating a separate zone. 

Add Value to the Property

The extension will add value to your home. This is especially as the years continue further. A two-story home will always be a lot more expensive in its value. Most buyers would prefer it buying a two-story home. This is due to the perceived value. 

Create a Home for the Family

It’s indeed an excellent way to add a second level to the home. This will ensure the abode will best accommodate the children. This is for the entire schooling years. 

Pursue the idea of extension in your house completed. It surely is beneficial in the long run!

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