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Cost-Effective Ways to Save on Your Second Storey Addition/Extension

Have you outgrown your home? Thinking about second storey additions or house extensions? Sounds logical! But, do you have the budget needed to complete such a major house renovations project? 

No worries, the leading house renovations and home design Brisbane company – Urban Scene Construction (USC) is here to help and share some cost-effective ways to have second storey additions or house extensions within a smaller budget:

  • Roofing

First and foremost, many people pull out of having second story additions due to enormous expenses. However, if you reuse and recycle your current roof tiles instead of purchasing new ones, the total cost will reduce significantly.

  • Cladding

The truth is, there are various cladding options worth exploring such as a Weatherboard, Hebel and Render or brickwork and more, but if you want to stay within your budget and if your design allows,  it is worth considering a number of  cladding options. By doing so you could save on different labour and material components.

  • Ensuite

Yes, ensuites are considered a ‘must have’ for master bedrooms. But, are they really necessary for guest bedrooms? – No, they aren’t. By not including too many bathrooms in your house extensions project you will notably decrease tiling, electrical, and plumbing and builder costs. 

However, if a bathroom is needed, you can still save some money on tile choice, since they make up a large share of the total house renovations cost.

  • Kitchen

In general, when going through such a significant house renovations project, many people wish for a kitchen makeover. Still, when working on a tight budget, you have to clearly determine your priorities. And, if renovating your kitchen is crucial, consider saving on benchtop, tapware, or flooring.

  • Doors

When doing second story additions it is logical that you’ll need new internal doors. But, which type of doors to choose, solid or hollow-core doors, when trying to reduce costs? The cost-effective solution here is definitely hollow-core doors. 

And, when it comes to a house extension, as with roof tiles, you can also reuse your current doors and purchase new ones for the new rooms only.

  • Painting

Last but not least, having your internal painting done by a professional, like the USC company, is quick and effective. Yet, if you, or a family member or a friend, have the time required and some basic skills for painting, you can do the job yourself and save on overall labour costs.

The bottom line, reaching the right balance between your needs and wishes is key to staying within budget, especially a tight one. Therefore, you should first make a list of ‘must haves’ and ‘want to haves’ to be able to identify your priorities. 

Preferably, you should share your list with an expert house renovations and home design Brisbane company so that you can get the ultimate tips and recommendations on possible alternatives and cost-effective ways to get what you need, but still within your budget.

Hence, don’t hesitate and contact Urban Scene Construction today!

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