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Our 5 Top Interior Design Tips

Regardless of your house renovations budget, you can make your home design pop up by following these tips from one of the best Brisbane renovations companies, Urban Scene Construction. Read on to find out our five top interior design tips.

  1. Make a Design Brief

When you are planning your house renovations and home design project, you should begin by creating a wish list and a home design brief. This plan should focus on the results you want from your renovation. Arrange a meeting with a house renovations company and go through all the elements you want to cover with the project. Make a list of must-haves and wish list items and outline the design ideas, budget, and timeline with your designer.

  1. Take Advantage of Samples

When it comes to home design, the most useful tools are samples. Use samples to help narrow down potential options and ideas. Try to get two samples. Use one to reference colour and texture during the project and the other to add to the file of all samples to easily access codes and numbers when needed. As a bonus tip, always have a couple of extra metres of the fabric in case you need to replace something later.

  1. Consider Layer Lighting

Any great interior design includes layered lighting that you can use for setting the mood and atmosphere in the room. As a home design rule, you have to add three lighting types in most of your rooms, including general, task, and accent lighting. The first one illuminates the entire room. Task lighting is for completing specific actions like reading in your bedroom or cooking in the kitchen, and accent lighting emphasises home design elements and decorations.

  1. Make the Most of Cushions

Our next tip is to make the most of cushions. Even though people don’t consider them essential in house renovations projects, they can either make or break the home design look. Here are a few things to consider. If you are going for a formal look, position your cushions symmetrically. This placement looks best in lounge rooms, formal living rooms, and bedrooms. To achieve a more dynamic and vibrant look, play with different patterns, textures, sizes, shapes, and colour palettes. Also, ensure that the chosen colours relate to some elements in the room.

  1. Use Chairs to You Advantage

When designing a space, think of chairs as accessories. They can complement any home design look if chosen well. You can find an extensive range of chair styles, from formal to relaxed to statement pieces. Like cushions, you can choose from numerous colours, sizes, shapes, textures, and material options. For example, add an extra touch to your bedroom or living room by adding a bright or patterned armchair.

Do you want the best possible outcome of your house renovations and home design project? Call Urban Scene Construction to speak with a renovation expert today!

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