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Top Bathroom Cabinet Colours For 2020

Planning on a home design refreshment project? Then, you’ll likely want to get in touch with Urban Scene Construction. Our team of professionals specialise in home extensions, and traditional and bespoke renovations for all types of homes.

No renovation is complete without updating the bathroom. Even though it is small in size, the bathroom has a huge impact on the overall home design. The most common request we get when renovating bathrooms, is to make it a calm, relaxing space. While several elements can help you achieve a sense of calm, bathroom cabinets are crucial. To be more precise, their colours allow you to set the tone and atmosphere you want for your bathroom.

Our team at Urban Scene Construction have come up with the following list of top bathroom cabinet colours for 2020 to transform your bathroom into a welcoming place. 

Top Five Bathroom Cabinet Colours for 2020

  • Blue

If you truly want a spa-like bathroom, blue is the colour to go for. Calming and versatile, any blue tone can convey a sense of tranquility which is why it is constantly on the top of bathroom trends. But remember, you don’t have to opt for a bright sky blue, or an intense royal blue. 

  • Green

Green is already considered to be one of the top choices for floor tile or bathroom backsplash. But, in 2020, green has become quite popular as a cabinetry colour. Any neutral bathroom will look vibrant once you paint your cabinetry in green. Also, if you pair green with earthy tones, you can add an outdoor feel which has become a top trend in home design.

  • Grey

Grey is widely praised for its versatility. Just choose any colour and pair it with grey – the result will look amazing. Even though people consider it dull, the great range of grey undertones can certainly set the atmosphere in any room, including a bathroom. If you still don’t want to go for a simple grey, you can choose a hue that infuses cool blue or one that verges on beige.

  • Brown

Similar to green, brown can help you make your bathroom convey a natural outdoor feel. Plus, it is quite versatile and looks wonderful when paired with soft blues, beige, or cream. However, it is crucial that you use it the right way if you don’t want your cabinets to look outdated. 

  • Black

Finally, here’s the number one trend for those who are braver and dare to be different. Black is definitely the perfect colour to make a statement. If you incorporate black cabinets in your bathroom, it will look sophisticated, modern, sleek and bold. So, forget about black counters or flooring. Instead, choose black cabinets to make your bathroom look clean and simple, yet contemporary.

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