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Latest Design Trends In Home Renovations

Planning your next house renovation project in 2020? If so, you need to know what the latest home renovation design trends are. Luckily, Urban Scene Construction is here to share their expertise, knowledge, and experience. This well renowned team of professionals will work with you to ensure you get the best results possible.

A 2020 home is defined by modern building technologies, simplicity, energy efficiency, minimalism and timeless design trends. It’s important to note that the most recent design trends in home renovations may not be everyone's cup of team and that’s fine, at Urban Scene Construction we cater to your needs. While some people might prefer the Victorian look and feel, others might go for more of a vintage vibe - no matter what your personal preferences are, we work with you, to achieve your goal.

For the purpose of this article, we are focusing on the Latest Design Trends in home renovations targeted at those who are looking for a modern approach to their renovation. So let’s dig a little deeper and have a look at the most recent trends that will shape Australian homes this decade:

1. Showcase Kitchen
Firstly, we must recognise that the kitchen isn’t only for food, but is also a place where we spend quite a lot of time. Whether you’re a master chef, or not, the kitchen is a place of gathering and indulging in life's fruits. Hence, in 2020 kitchens will be more versatile, open and reflect the overall home design and style. Here are some of the top kitchen design trends:

● Big, open spaces
● All-inclusive islands for both preparation and dining
● Cabinets in light tones, and wood tones
● Plenty of unique lighting fixtures to brighten the space
● Natural materials
● Stone bench tops
● Splashbacks in bright colours
● Pastel colours

2. Home Automation
In 2020 the focus will be on technology, anything that makes life easier in our busy schedules is highly sought after. Therefore, home automation is growing in popularity, mainly because it not only makes life easier but also improves energy efficiency.
Once you incorporate this high-end technology, you can control every element in your home by simply using your phone /speaking to Siri. Imagine how great it could be to be able to turn your washing machine on, or close your window furnishings from work after remembering that you had forgotten to do so. You
can control the heating, cooling, lighting, music, and much more... Convenient... right?

3. New with a splash of Old
Finally, when it comes to home design and interior colour schemes, you should focus on keeping the space modern with splashes of vintage/retro themes. For example, you may choose to implement warm neutrals, plants and earthy tones for a vintage earthy vibe. Or, you may choose to include spanish furniture in terracotta, mustard, and muddy or rusty colours to go for more of
a Spanish look.

While 2020 will be a year of crisp, clean, white spaces, it’s also a time to incorporate older trends to give your space a splash of character. So, don’t be afraid to be bold and mix the old and new together like contemporary and antique furniture, artwork, or décor; keep an open mind and make sure your space is personalised.

4. Open Living
Open Living spaces have been gaining more and more traction in home design, due to the airy and free feel these spaces provide. Architects used to design homes in such a way that each space would be a separate room. Therefore, the kitchen would be a room of its own, as well as the living space, dining area, etc.

This approach offered a boxy and segregated feel, whereby each space is a whole new room. Open living however, offers a much more open style which provides more freedom and airflow. The kitchen, dining area and living room are all under the same roof, not segregated by walls which allows the entire space to appear
larger and less constricted.

Whatever home design trend you choose, Urban Scene Construction is always here to make your dreams come true. So, call us today to ensure you get the best home design possible.

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