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Bathroom with freestanding bath and large mirror above floating vanity

Designing a Master Ensuite? 5 Things to Consider.

Thinking of upgrading your master ensuite or building a brand spankin’ new one? Well, good news, because you have come to the right place! Today, our team at Urban Scene Construction will share the top 5 things you should consider when designing a master ensuite

So, let’s begin and see what you should keep an eye on when designing your new master ensuite: 

  1. Tile Choice

First and foremost, we’ll begin with tile decisions as they really do set the tone for the space. Tile colours and patterns are very much a personal decision however there are a few general rules you should always consider. If you are opting for a pattern, we suggest not utilizing more than one pattern in the one bathroom. UNLESS, they really complement one another. Otherwise the bathroom can get a little too busy, messy and appear smaller, rather than bigger. Not to mention, bathrooms are typically more appealing when simple, clean and fresh looking. 

When choosing colours, if you want to use a darker colour, it’s usually best to balance the dark out with some light colours. However, if you have a big space for the ensuite, dark colours aren’t as detrimental. With smaller spaces however, darker colours can cave the room inwards which make it appear smaller.

  • Big Windows

Usually, master ensuites are located on the side of a house which means that adding a window into the bathroom design is usually doable. And, when it comes to master bathrooms, the bigger the better. In other words, make your master ensuite windows as big as possible. Or, even better, if the side of your house faces a wall or fence, you can incorporate a glass wall which can help you achieve kind of an outdoor feel, and again, make the space feel bigger.

  • Lighting Fixtures

When it comes to bathrooms and home design in general, people usually underestimate the power of lighting. In fact, you can strategically position lighting fixtures to achieve the mood and atmosphere you want to achieve. Also, as with the previous two, you can also use lights to make a small space look larger. For example, you can add LED strip lighting to entire walls or add lighting to the top of a bulkhead or underneath a vanity. All of these options are great for adding an extra touch to your master ensuite.

  • Door Choice

Typically, people don’t often consider door choice to be an important aspect when planning their house renovations project or home design refresh. So, why is it so important for a master suite? Well, because the bathroom is attached to the bedroom, it means that it will affect the way you move around. So, in order to move comfortably from the bedroom to the bathroom and vice versa (especially in case of a small ensuite), you might consider a sliding door to save that valuable floor space which will otherwise be lost if the door swings inward. 

  • Accessories 

Last but not least, and maybe even one of the most important elements when it comes to bathroom design. Accessories really affect the functionality of a bathroom. From towel racks, hand towel rings, toilet paper holders, toilet brush holders, soap dispensers, all the way to shelves and other storage options. The location of all of these, determines the practicality and functionality of your master ensuite. And, if you want to go for more of a streamlined look and feel, make sure your plumbing fixtures are the same colour as your accessories.

Now that you know what you should consider when designing a master ensuite, it’s time you give Urban Scene Construction a call and ensure you get the best of the best!

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