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Front deck with large bay window in Queenslander renovation

Design Trends to Revamp Your Queenslander

Would you want to be uniquely Australian? If yes, opt for revamping your Queenslander with the following design trends. While some have no understanding of the Queenslander, it actually is a 2-story weatherboard construction. It raised high on the stumps allowing the breeze to come through. The rainwater is also enabled of flowing past. The huge & partially enclosed verandahs extend the livable area. That’s also while the corrugated-iron type of roofs helps homes in withstanding heavy winds. 

The Queenslander truly has stood the test of time. It is now ripened for renovation. More clear updates are needed for it to be suited for indoor and outdoor living. The aim is to maximize the space as developed by the high ceilings. Take inspiration from the design trends to revamp your Queenslander with the following:

Embrace the Idea of Simplicity

Queenslander house renovations include the concept of embracing simplicity as an idea. A white & a clean wooden form of paneling indeed look elegant and graceful. The black accents and furniture also will complete the package. 

The color scheme chosen will make bring an airy feel to the project. Stunning pendant lighting can wow every room. This will make the most of the high ceilings. 

Take Advantage of the Climate

The warmth all year-round in Queensland is loved by people around the world. Thus, take advantage of it by the use of verandah for its impressive effect. Include adding a huge cane dining table and a stunning outdoor kitchen. The guests will for sure be contented in settling in for the day. This is either it rains, shines, or hails. A whitewashed plantation shutter also enables you of taking complete control of elements. The bi-fold patio door also allows ease of access inside. 

Think About Sustainability

Queenslander renovations include updating the house for a modern living. This is about considering sustainability by improving the northern light flow. This will better enable cross-ventilation. This will thereby minimize the air-conditioning expenses. 

The expensive benches in the kitchen will double like a handy breakfast bar. The timber accents and glass shutters provide an old meet new sense of touch. 

Make Use of the Paint

Transform your Queenslander by the perfect use of a palette. This is a real hero in this process. Make your home dark & dramatic with the charcoal weatherboard exterior. The interior of the home will play it cool with the airy neutrals. This will then celebrate the abundance of height and space. 

Gables and white skirting in the bedroom will add an impressive & beautiful detail to a refined wooden type of paneling. The upholstered window seat, the striking lamps, & the luxurious headboard will finish such a glamorous look. The staple of the Queensland and the ceiling fan bring about a cool night’s sleep.

Add A Reading Room or Stylish Office

Revamp your Queenslander by adding a stylish office or a reading room. This is perfect for days you like it working from home. The floor-to-ceiling bookshelves will keep things in order. The hook-on ladder will make sure you can access your reading materials. 

In addition to that, include a sturdy and wooden desk and warm-toned rug. You’ll then be ready in taking on the day!

Follow these design trends mentioned in achieving house renovation in your Queenslander!

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