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Been wanting an Ensuite? The time is now!

Are you sick and tired of being stuck with only one bathroom in your home? Do you have to wait for your other family members in order to get in there? If your answer is yes, then perhaps it’s time to consider a house extension. 

Even though it may sound unexciting, adding an ensuite onto your bedroom is one of the best house extension ideas which can literally change your life. It will not only help you avoid disputes over vanity time but also help you enjoy more privacy.

That said, Brisbane renovations and house extension company – Urban Scene Construction – is here to help. Not only can our team carry out your house renovations project flawlessly, but we can also offer some tips to consider when adding an ensuite.

So, read on and find out!

Top Tips for Adding an Ensuite

  1. Make a List of Must-Haves and Lust-Haves

First and foremost, before you agree on the design and plan with a house extension company, think about what you must include in your ensuite and what you desire to include. Then, see which must-have items fit within your budget, and if you have some room, add some from your splurge list. Just remember, if you really desire many things from the lust-haves list, you won’t only need a house extension, but a budget extension, too.

  1. Make Smart Tile Choices

When it comes to a bathroom, tiles are more than just colours and patterns and you have to choose them carefully. That said, make sure you choose tiles that have anti-slip properties to ensure safety and low maintenance to ensure easy cleaning. In general, ceramic and porcelain tiles are most commonly used for bathrooms and can be found in many colours and patterns. Plus, they can also fit into all budgets.

  1. Separate Storage

Since you are adding an ensuite, you are probably going to share it with your partner. Therefore, if space permits, separating your storage space is quite convenient and could ‘save your marriage’ as many house renovations and home design experts say. So, consider attaching two tall storage units or adding pull-out drawers underneath the basin for storing personal products.

  1. Pay Attention to Lighting

Although it isn’t so obvious, lighting is probably one of the most important elements not only in the entire home design but in bathroom design, too. Hence, when discussing design with your house extension company, ensure they feature different types of lighting fixtures. For instance, you’ll need overhead lighting, accent lighting to show off design elements, and vanity task lighting on either side of the mirror. 

  1. Go with a Local Professional

Hiring a local house extension and home design company isn’t only handy for you and them, but also ensures you get the best results since they are building their reputation in that area and won’t do poor-quality work. Hence, if you are located in or around Brisbane, Urban Scene Construction is the go-to renovations and extensions company. 

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