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Why would I bother paying for a builder’s time?


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This is often asked and is a very touchy subject for most owners, “why on earth would I pay for something I could get for free elsewhere?” The answer is simple, when you pay for a builder’s time you are paying for a professional service that will give you the outcome required for you to make an informed decision based on a quote for your project to move forward.  The time taken to prepare a detailed and thorough quote, not an estimate, when done properly and depending on the scope or work, can be in excess of 40 hours. Paying a small fee, appropriate to the scope of the project, to a specialist in their field is something to be seriously considered if you want to receive detail that can be relied upon for your final decision.

Having the assurance the builder knows your project inside and out, that he has taken the time to understand the elements of your existing home, completed accurate quantity take-offs, obtained quotes from his sub-contractors and suppliers to obtain rates specifically for your project, and then collated and prepared all of this information into one document for you, is really quite invaluable.  

Why wouldn’t you want to know that the builder has invested his time and energy into preparing a realistic cost for something that is one of your biggest and most emotional decisions?

At Urban Scene Construction, we pride ourselves on our approach in producing a quote that is a value to our clients.

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