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Why have the builder involved in your design and planning process?


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By engaging the builder to deliver the complete project one team only is accountable for all components of your project – concept to completion, streamlining the process. Having the builder work with the designer and the client alleviates the stress that comes with multiple levels of communication eliminating the loss of information between each party.  Instead of back and forth communication between the designer/owner and owner/contractor, it is now streamlined to a single point of contact.

Much like designers and engineers are the experts in their respective fields of design, builders are the experts at construction and harbour a wealth of knowledge when it comes to constructability, new building materials and the latest construction technologies. The design and construct approach enables the client to bring another valuable specialist to the design table to ensure that construction innovation is incorporated into the project. 

From project management principles, we know that the ability to influence a project is at its greatest at the start of the project life-cycle. Introducing a professional builder during the project’s inception can ensure that buildability, construction sequencing, material selection and other specialist construction knowledge can be incorporated in the project planning phase.

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