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How Much Does it Cost Renovate?


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This is one of the most frequently asked questions we get asked by owners, so how do you the client get a definite answer?

Unfortunately, it is just not possible for any builder to give an accurate price especially in the initial stages of contact.  In order to provide accurate pricing a builder needs to have more than just a verbal brief, concepts, sketches or even plans, they need final plans and structural design as a bare minimum to even begin a cost analysis.  

Often builders will provide a m2 rate but these should only be used as a guide, why you ask? Simply, this is because each home is different, each renovation is different and each clients inclusions and selections are different, likewise a new project home build is worlds apart from a renovation project and it is hard to draw any real comparison between the two.

Renovation builders and project builders are different skill sets, and both are leaders in their respective fields but should not be confused.  A new home by a project builder will almost always be cheaper and quicker than a bespoke renovation, but why? 

A project builder or new home builder does not need to demolish anything nor does he need to work in with any existing elements of the home, no consideration is required by the builder to match or make anything consistent with what is already there, they are just starting from scratch, which is a much easier and quicker process.  A renovation builder needs to consider all of these elements and more.  More often than not older homes have undersized materials that are not up to today's building code, they are not straight, level and plumb and the existing electrical and plumbing are often not to today's building code either, just to name a few.   Ultimately a renovation builder wants achieve an outcome where you are unable to tell your renovation is an "add on" and in order to do this much needs to be considered when tying together the two.

A builder needs to understand every aspect of your project before they can provide you with a price for your project and a good builder will be able to explain to you exactly what they need in order to provide you with a fixed price quote and how they can assist you with obtaining what you need in order to do so.

At Urban Scene Construction we offer a complete start to finish service, from initial consultation to our pre-construction service and finally building your dream renovation.

See how we work differently and how we can help you, why not give one of our friendly staff a call?

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